When Cage Skirt is Shipped in Small Package

If your cage skirt comes in a small package it will be pressed sideways, tightened with two red ribbons (on each side) and one white ribbon keeping both sides together. Afterwards, the cage skirt is bent sideways as can be seen in Picture 1 below.

Please follow the instructions how to correctly remove a cage skirt from the international package. It will help you to avoid any confusion then it is in strange shape after shipment:

Picture 1. Your skirt is bent sideways to safe space so that it could be fitted into a small package for shipping. Remove a cage skirt and see Picture 2.

Picture 2. Your skirt wants to spread, so you need to help it to straighten up forming something similar in to the form of “8”. Make sure all hoops with plastic inserts go sideways/parallel as in Picture YES.

Picture 3. This how a cage skirt looks like if it is positioned straight. The same position is shown in Picture YES. Follow the green line/arrows. Each hoop has to go side by side, touching each other on the biggest flat surface. Each red ribbon holds three hoops, three hoops on the right side and three hoops the left side. A white ribbon is put on top of two red ribbons to keep both sides of the skirt squeezed at one point, the middle. If your cage skirt lays as in Picture 3 and Picture YES, please see Picture 4 now.

Picture 4. After you position a cage skirt as in Picture 3, you can remove the white ribbon that holds all hoops together at one point. When you remove the white ribbon you will the similar view of your skirt as in this picture. It will be spreading to the left and to the right with each side still held by red ribbons. Make sure the cage skirt sits firmly in such position on the hard surface. If you need use your hands to flex/bend it so that it stays as needed with no effort. Don’t be afraid to flex each hoop using two thumbs so that none of the hoops would peak up or jump up.

If a cage skirt sits with both sides tighten in red ribbons without you touching it, you can remove red ribbons. First, carefully remove one red ribbon and make skirt to spread into that side, don’t be afraid to flex it and help it go into a half-circle shape. Inserts in hoops are bendable. Then remove the second ribbon and again keep hands on that side and see if hoops (with inserts) are spreading to the right direction finishing a round shape of all construction. Now the cage skirt must lay flat on the hard surface with each of its hoops shaped into a perfect circle. If your skirt contains 3 hoops you will have 3 circles, if 4 hoops you will see 4 circles laying.

Make sure all hoops form perfect circles. If not, you have to flex hoops with your hands.

On how to care care and how to bend hoops making them sit into circles, you can read on article How to Take Care of a Cage Skirt.

If you have any questions or difficulties please email us to [email protected] at any time.


When Cage Skirt is Shipped in Small Package


Cage Skirt in Correct Position

On the left you can see how a cage skirt lays flat and each hoops is a shape of circle. All hoops are squeezed sideways and do not make “8” form by crossing each other at the point under the ribbon. On the right a cage skirt is pressed by pushing all hoops from the left and the right and make skirt look narrow “8”.  If your cage skirt freely sits in this position you can remove the ribbon. If not please read the above mentioned article. Please remember, you can flex every hoop so that it would start forming a circle. Please avoid flexing connecting points on each hoop. They are also sensitive to heat so please do not iron or hot-steam connecting points.

When Cage Skirt is Shipped in Small Package