How to Take Care of a Cage Skirt

Every cage skirt requires some extra space and can be difficult to store when is not in use. Here you will find couple of useful advises how to take care of a cage skirt so that it would last longer. You may like to wear it again one day. Who knows? A cage skirt fits many different styles and fashion eras. You will find out how to clean stained cage skirt, what is the best way to store it for a longer time and what to do if a cage skirt tears apart in unfortunate accident. All cage skirts are handmade and they require a bit of an additional attention to make you happy. On other hand, cage skirts are durable and can last for several years if taken care of properly.

When your cage skirt arrives in USPS Priority box, take out the whole bag with skirt inside. Carefully remove the bag. Now you will have a flat cage skirt that is wrapped with a ribbon in the middle. Remove the ribbon while keeping with one hand the skirt in flat position. Let the skirt stretch out gradually while on the flat surface, e.g. on the floor or big table. Don’t let a cage skirt to pop out. Make it expand slowly into all directions on a flat surface. When it flattens itself and you can see several perfect circles laying, you may lift it up by grabbing on elastic waistband. Now, you are welcome to wear a cage skirt! If circles are deformed please continue reading.

how to care of cage skirt
how to remove cage skirt out of the box correctly

Misshapen Cage Skirt

What to do if cage skirt arrives misshapen? First of all, all horizontal hoops are easily bendable, they have an inserted plastic boning that can be bent or twisted in any direction using both hands in soft manner. Your goal is to make a cage skirt lay flat on the floor with all hoops in perfect roundness. To make it fall back into its original shape, please bend each hoop inwards inch by inch. Grab with both hands and flex it softly between your both hands towards waistband. Go through all hoops little by little curving in. If you bend it correctly, a cage skirt will return into its normal shape and begin to lay flat. If cage skirt lays flat on its own and all hoops are in perfect circular shape it is ready to be worn now.


how cage skirt
open ribbon after you position a skirt as in image on the right


Important. Although horizontal hoops are easy to flex and do maintain the flexed area in desired shape for a long time, all cage skirts have their weak points on each hoop. Every hoop has connecting point where both ends of ribbon and inserted boning are joined. Please avoid bending or twisting these connections as they may disconnect if flexed intentionally. They are stiffer points and have to stay so. By having said that, please be kind and do not bend areas of connections. You will find all connection points in one line going down from connection point of elastic waistband. Look for them when your skirt lays flat on it’s own and remember where they are. Please consider connection points as the backside of your cage skirt. Twist a skirt by waist to either side when wearing it so that connecting points would not be visible and stay on your backside.

If are unable to get your new cage skirt into original shape, please contact us at [email protected], please attach a couple of images showing in what shape it is in the present moment. We will help you to entangle it back to shape of a cage skirt. Keep calm and don’t fight a cage skirt!


how to cage skirt
lays flat & ready to wear (on the left). (on the right) comes squeezed in a box – the right position to let if spread out when ribbon is opened.

How to Clean a Cage Skirt

If your cage skirt gets dirty please do not wash in washing machine or do a dry cleaning. A ribbon of a cage skirt can be easily cleaned by warm water, cotton cloth and non-bleaching stain remover or soup. Rub stained area with damp cotton (soaked in warm water with soup) cloth until everything is gone. Please avoid excess water as it can change a shape of ribbon and make it wavy. Please avoid bleach or bleaching agents on any cage skirts in any color. Unfortunately, ribbons may change their color on areas rubbed by bleaching agents. If a white cage skirt gets to taste red wine, consider it dying into red cage skirt in the future. Just being sarcastic. Let us kindly remind you that Offeradi cage skirts are handmade and should be taken care of more attentively. On the other hand, cage skirts can be cleaned by a very simple method if they get stained.

cage skirts hanging in wardrobe
cage skirts hanged in wardrobe


How to Store a Cage Skirt

For maximum care, when storing a cage skirt please keep it in flat position and do not apply pressure on it. Actually, you may keep it flat under your bed or on top of something flat enough to support all hoops. Please keep it in a bag when stored. If you store a cage skirt in flat position it will not loose its original shape.

Also, you may put a cage skirt into a bag (fabric or plastic) and hang it in your wardrobe. It is the most compact way to store a cage skirt. It can be hanged on a wall as a decoration piece as well. Unfortunately, a cage skirt will slightly loose its original shape when is hanged in a bag for a long time. You will need to flex horizontal hoops inwards inch by inch using both hands every time before wearing. Do it softly and slowly, please avoid bending stiff points of connections. Make sure a cage skirt lays flat on it’s own and all hoops are in perfect circular shape.

Cage skirt will also keep its original shape if is position on vertical mannequin, i.e. torso mannequin on tripod. In other words, as if it would be worn on your waist, hanging down and pressure points split evenly across the whole skirt. You may also hang it high below ceiling and let fall down in its shape. Secure it on a waistband.

how to care
cage skirt on a mannequin

How to Fix a Cage Skirt

If any accident occurs and you are unable to figure how to fix a cage skirt, please contact us at [email protected]. We will be glad to advise and help you if skirt can be repaired. Please note that cage skirt is not capable to hold heavy weights, nor ribbons are strong enough to safe lives. It can easily tear apart if not used as a wearing garment, but good mood and fun time should always go first!

If damaged cage skirt needs a serious repair and we are capable to do so, we can arrange to fix it for an appropriate fee. The final cost would include shipping price both ways and repair fee. Feel free to contact us with any questions as every situation may have a very simple solution.

You may iron tulle if your chosen cage skirt comes with tulle. Please note cage skirts are extremely flammable. Be careful staying near candles or when a lit cigarette is around. Please do not iron horizontal hoops that have inserted plastic boning. Do not iron connecting points.

cage skirts lay flat on a floor
two cage skirts lay flat on a carpet


How to Transport Cage Skirt

The easiest and most convenient way to carry a cage skirt from point A to point B is by keeping it in a bag. When cage skirt is unpacked remember to carry it around by waistband and letting to hang down its original bell-shape. If you want to carry it flat, grab all hoops together with your left hand on the left side and do it on opposite side with your right hand. Also, you may carry it vertically by grabbing together waist and all hoops in to one hand. Having a cage skirt in vertical flat position is handy while moving around in small spaces, i.e. backstage area, photo studio. Please pay attention to all door handles, cage skirts usually get hooked on door handles and may tear apart easily. Especially when you are in a rush to change or pop in fix your makeup quickly.

If you have any questions or suggestions on anything what was said in the article, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Please note we accept custom orders and can make bigger and stronger cage skirts for wedding dresses, Victorian dresses or other heavier fabric clothing assemblies. An inspiration image or quick pen sketch of desired cage skirt would be appreciated via email. We also like to receive images of our cage skirts being worn during your show, dress party or photo-shoot. If you send us an image or two we will upload it on our website’s Gallery and Instagram account @Offeradi_com.

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